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Behind Monsieur, there is a woman: Nadia Azoug. Sitting at the counter of her bar in the 11th arrondissement, she watches as people pass by, observes, and gets inspired by them.
Crossing paths with a jeweler who loves to chat daily with her about everything and nothing but mostly about his craftsmanship, makes her realize that she also wants to plunge into that universe. Creating artisanal jewelry, designed by a woman for women. At the time she didn’t wear a lot of jewelry, so it was a breath of fresh air and an homage to her Kabyles origins.

In January 2010, without a business plan but a lot of instinct and common sense, Nadia starts her new project self-taught on the rue Charlot- in the Marais, ancient jewelry district- with the goal of creating jewelry made in Paris, more accessible than those found on the Place Vendôme and more qualitative than costume jewelry. And above all, against the trend of e-shops that were flourishing everywhere at the time. Nadia wants to do things right, even if that takes time.

In order to do so, she decides from the start to master the entirety of the manufacturing process: sourcing the materials, distribution, artisanal craftsmanship, everything is imagined and made at the delicate hands of the workshop Monsieur. Between the three jewelers and the artisans (gilder, gem-setter...), there is a circumference of no more than one kilometer. Each individual technique to create the jewelry: foundry, enameling, gilding, and gem-setting, go through a seasoned craftsman who is specialized in that unique step.

Hence, the possibility of creating tailor-made jewelry, which is the strength of Monsieur.

From her strongholds on rue Perrée and rue Charlot, Nadia hasn’t lost her passion for observing people, exchanging in conversations, and putting a smile on their face.
Long gone are the days of serving Perrier’s and expressos’, instead she now serves jewelry