Monsieur’s gifting advice

Monsieur jewelry and nothing else.

Monsieur’s goal is to create jewelry that attracts the eye. 

However, it is also (and most importantly) to create jewelry that will be worn, loved, reinvented, and accompanying a gown for a soirée or a set of comfy pajamas for those late mornings. 

You give life to your jewelry. And there is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the perfect match between a woman and her jewels. 

Therefore, to celebrate the holidays, we have decided to give you little pieces of advice to help you create the perfect duos between our designs and the different important women in your life. 

For those who deserve all the “I love you’s” of the world: the Aphrodite necklace. This beautiful heart pendant has a vintage touch and a detonating shine: it is worth all the declarations of love ever said.  In rose, yellow, or white gold, it is set with either a ruby or a sapphire to sublimate the one you love. 

For those who need a lucky star: even better than a guardian angel, gift them our necklaces Joseph and Gabin. The symbolic eye protects from bad luck and… bad taste: their beautiful simplicity works every time!  

For those who personify simplicity: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Leonardo da Vinci said it, so it must be true. No doubt about it, he would have approved of our beautiful Olympe band, with or without a stone, that stands out with its discrete and timeless elegance. A sure bet.

For those who love to receive compliments: there is nothing better than our signature ring Yvette. Wonderfully chic, it emphasizes the smallest gesture with its unique radiance. Undoubtedly, it will take the breath away of all her audience on a night out.

For those who know themselves better than anybody else: the gift card. Because sometimes, liberty is the most beautiful of gifts.