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Stone guide


A highly spiritual stone, amethyst has very high vibrations, thus providing powerful protection. This stone of evolution promotes awakening and wisdom. Amethyst is a fine stone made from a variety of violet quartz whose color is due to traces of iron.


Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra. This stone favors communication, liberating frank and sincere speech. It brings perseverance and dynamism. Aquamarine is a transparent blue-colored stone with a vitreous luster. It evokes sea water and is considered a talisman to protect sailors.

Black spinel

Spinel comes in multiple colors: red, black, blue, orange, pink, violet, or green. Spinel calms the nervous system, stress, and anxiety.


In ancient times, chrysoprase was associated with Venus, the goddess of Love. It allows openness to the beauty of life, restores self-confidence, and promotes wisdom. It is a stone whose color can vary between apple green and very dark green. The purest gems are sometimes confused with jade, whose color resembles it.


Citrine is a light yellow stone, sometimes golden yellow, with a translucent shine. According to tradition, citrine plays a beneficial role in overcoming a lack of spirit and mental fatigue.


In ancient times, the carnelian was known under the name Sardoine. It reinforces feelings and emotions. Cornelians are translucent or opaque with a matte sheen with orange and red in color.


The emerald is a mineral whose green color comes from traces of chromium, vanadium, and sometimes iron. It is considered a precious stone and symbolizes true Love, happiness, and strength. In ancient times, the emerald was often linked to Venus.


Garnet is often found in fiery or blood red and symbolizes consistency and loyalty. This stone brings joy, energy, strength, courage, force, and assurance. It’s often associated with better self-confidence, success, and the power of will.

Green agate

Agate is part of the vast category of gemstones. The color of agates is those of the constituent chalcedonies: white, bluish grey, green, reddish brown, or black. It is a source of inner stability. Agate brings a certain fluidity both physically and emotionally.

Green tourmaline

Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic and geobiological pollution. A stone with a slightly vitreous luster, it can be found in many colors, from green to pink. At Monsieur, we primarily use pink, green, or blue tourmaline. In mines, it’s often the harbinger of gold deposits.


The labradorite is a stone with sublime metallic reflections, mostly green or blue; some can showcase every color of the spectrum. It is also called the “stone of therapists” or “stone of healers,” as it’s a proper protective shield for hypersensitive people.


Lapis lazuli is a rock containing three main elements, lazurite which gives it its deep blue or blue-green color, calcite for its white spots, and pyrite for its golden reflections. A stone of harmony, lapis lazuli promotes calm and relaxation.


The reflections of moonstones vary between blue and silver. This appearance is quite similar to moonlight, hence its name. Stone of femininity, it stimulates creativity and inspiration.


Morganite is a beryl stone. Due to its rosy color, morganite is often associated with Love and romance. It brings tenderness and relaxation.

Mother of pearls

With its iridescent reflections, mother-of-pearl is synonymous with softness, tenderness, and femininity. Its energy promotes inner peace and comfort.


Onyx is black smooth, and shiny stones. It was used in ancient times for engravings and sure decorative ornaments. It symbolizes initiative and luck.

Pink quartz

This appeasing stone is associated with the heart chakra. It symbolizes Love. This transparent mineral is often adorned with pink, blue, violet, or rose reflections. A large variety of crystals exists, like amethyst, ametrine, or rose quartz. Since ancient times, this crystal has been notably used for its thermal properties.

Pink tourmaline

Tourmaline protects against electromagnetic and geobiological pollution. A stone with a slightly vitreous luster, it can be found in many colors, from green to pink. At Monsieur, we primarily use pink, green, or blue tourmaline. In mines, it’s often the harbinger of gold deposits.


Its characteristic red color gives it its name, the ruby. This stone restores ‘joie de vivre’ and enthusiasm and reinforces vitality and courage. A symbol of loyalty and bravery, the ruby represents fire, courage, struggle, passion, and youth.


The characteristic blue color of the sapphire has given it the nickname of celestial stone. Sapphire favors inspiration, spiritual elevation, and meditation. This stone symbolizes fidelity to the supreme being, immortality, purity, as well as wisdom.


Topaz is a precious crystal known since ancient times. It is associated with powers and protective virtues. Topaz comes in many colors: yellow, blue, pink, white, red, purple, green, and even colorless, which remains the most common variety.


The turquoise name refers to the intermediary nuances between green and blue. Traditionally, turquoise is the amulet of newlyweds and evokes purity. It also symbolizes success, strength, and freshness of mind.

White cultured pearls

The white cultured pearl is fragile and flawless. It has always symbolized health and femininity. 

White diamond

A symbol of eternity, resistance, and perfection but also eternal Love, the diamond is often nicknamed the “Queen of Stones” and holds incredible healing properties. It is often considered the most precious of stones, invincible and pure. Diamonds come in many colors: white, brown, or yellow.