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Monsieur it's the jeweller who makes the jewellery you want.

BIJOUTERIE, female name

  1. place of sale and discovery of the jewels
  2. place of manufacture of jewels
  3. generally, the art of making jewelry

At Monsieur, we offer you creations that are exclusively made in France. All the jewellery is designed by the creator, Nadia Azoug, and then handcrafted in Paris in our workshop by our jewellers. Monsieur jewellery is the place where everything is possible: from semi-measured to made-to-measure, we give you the opportunity to imagine your own jewel: the ideal, the unique, the one that suits you.

Monsieur is a place to discover jewellery

Our collections

They have been timeless for more than 10 years and are nourished at our rhythm, that of creation.


The semi-measure

The semi-measurement: to adjust a chain length, a ring size?

A jewel as you like it

The made to measure

To create from A to Z the jewel of your dreams.

Create a custom made jewel

Monsieur it's also a place of manufacture of jewels

All Monsieur jewelry is handmade by our talented jewelers in our workshop in Paris. They work with gold, silver or vermeil as well as precious or semi-precious stones.

Monsieur presents you the Dina collection and its grigris

There are jewelry that we wear for their beauty, others that we wear for their symbolism, others that we wear for their magical power... And pieces that combine all this. Here are the Dina, our protective grigris to wear every day.

Monsieur it's also a

place of création

You dream of a unique jewel? A jewel imagined from your desires, your wishes... Monsieur, it’s the jeweler who makes the jewels that you want !

Nadia Azoug receives you, listens to you and takes the time to discuss with you to determine your desires.

Wedding rings, birth gifts, creation for a unique moment, at Monsieur, we think that we all have the right to have the jewel we want.

Our custom made creations