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  1. Madame Monsieur

    Madame Monsieur

    Monsieur Paris got its name because Nadia, the founder of the brand, wanted to create a juxtaposition, giving a masculine name to a brand dedicated to women.

    However . . .

    Today more than ever, the brand embraces the desire men have to wear jewelry that corresponds to their personality and embellishes their look.  

    This is why here at Monsieur, men are welcomed and can pick from a selection of our unisex designs. And we promise this isn’t a ploy to help your partner steal your necklaces as well as your shirt, sweaters, or t-shirts. 

    For necklaces, the lovely gentlemen can head for the iconic Joseph, the Elias with its Berber inspirations, the unique Uzem, or the royal Alienor. 

    And to decorate your wrist, w

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  2. Monsieur 10 year anniversary

    Monsieur 10 year anniversary

    We are 10 years old


    10 is the age for dreaming, heads filled with ideas, an abundance of energy, and the beginning of maturity. 

    A lot like us. 

    It has been ten years that our little hands have worked away in our Parisian workshop to sublimate your looks and that we have brought to life your wildest jewelry dreams. 10 years of exchanging, creating, and dreaming with you who give us your trust. 

    And you know what? It happened so fast. . .

    So fast that we aren’t ready to stop here.

    So, for our 10 years, we have decided to celebrate this anniversary with a real splash: we have brought a new light to our iconic models that have created Monsieur’s sou

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  3. The tourmaline, October's stone

    The tourmaline, October's stone

    Each month of the year is symbolically associated with a stone. October’s stone is the ​tourmaline​, a little-known and unfairly forgotten fine stone.

    It is the perfect stone for a transition into colder and less sunny months.

    A symbol of appeasement, it has powers of emotional comfort, and may even improve self-confidence and sleep. It also has a beneficial effect on muscles, especially the heart (it’s the ideal stone to help cure heartbreak). Associated with creativity, hope, and innocence, it brings luck and serenity to those who chose to wear it.

    Often mistaken for other stones- especially rose quartz- due to its numerous possible colors that go through all the colors of the rainbow, it is one of the rare stones that have so many variations. Pink, blue, green, black ... There is something for everyone.

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  4. Maintenance for your Monsieur Paris jewelry

    Maintenance for your Monsieur Paris jewelry

    Homemade tips to maintain your Monsieur Paris Jewelry...


    Taking care of your Gold or Silver jewelry :

    Silver Jewelry

    • Prepare a solution of soapy lukewarm water and add a ​little lemon juice ;
    • Let your silver jewelry soak in the solution for 10 minutes ;
    • Lightly scrub it with a soft brush ;
    • Rinse it with lukewarm clear water ;
    • Dry it with a Monsieur Paris leather cloth or a soft cloth.

    To remove a stain on silver jewelry or objects :

    • With a soft used toothbrush: apply ​baking soda​ diluted with water, lemon juice, toothpaste, white Meudon, or rubbing alcohol ;
    • Rinse in clear water ;
    • Dry with a soft cloth ;
    • If the stains persist : rub a cloth dampened with a mixture of vinegar
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  5. 3 valeurs

    3 valeurs


    All of Monsieur’s creations are made by hand by three jewelers who work following ancestral techniques “à la cheville”, which means without molding. They saw, solder, sand, sculpt, and hammer gold in our Parisian workshop. For the casting, enameling, plating, setting, or engraving, our workshop calls upon experienced craftsmen who are masters in their domain. Monsieur’s jewelry is the fruit of all this artisanal expertise.

    Made in the Marais

    From the design to the finished product, Monsieur’s collection doesn't travel more than one kilometer around the workshop situated in the Marais. It’s our way to make our mark in this district historically associated with jewelry makers. In the 14th century, the great names in jewelry settled in this district, as well as all the artisans, to follow their clientele. To this day a few historic workshops remain, such as the gilder and the stone setter that work on Monsieur’s jewelry.


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