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  1. Beloved Lucky Charms

    Beloved Lucky Charms

    Our talisman jewelry can be worn with any outfit to bring you luck, in addition to adding a particular flair to your look.

    These new pieces are close to our hearts at Monsieur, as they are symbolic and serve as protection. 

    First, there is the Sofia necklace, available in three colors- white pearl, blue lapis, and green aventurine- that enhance the gold glow of the hand-shaped pendant. Choose wisely: each stone has a power that is unique to it. Lapis rejuvenates and generates balance, Aventurine soothes and comforts, and the pearl highlights softness and femininity. 

    Next, there is the Dina bracelet, necklace, and earrings in 18 karat gold. Timeless

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  2. Anti-blues jewelry

    Anti-blues jewelry

    Our jewelry isn't actually magical (although...)

    However, thanks to their light, their symbolism, and their colors, they can boost morale for those who aren’t feeling their best. And as we leave Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year), we truly need them . . .

    Here is a selection of jewelry guaranteed to bring you good vibes and kindness, to forget the greyness you see outside and feel inside if you’re feeling slightly gloomy. 

    First, there is obviously the Joseph bangle with its protecting eye that will know how to warm up the most wintery of outfits with its golden light and will watch over you like a lucky star. 

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  3. Hit two birds with one (precious) stone

    Hit two birds with one (precious) stone

    At Monsieur, we love to create jewelry that accompanies you throughout your life. This is why some of our pieces know how to reinvent themselves, for you to never tire of them and to keep you on your toes.

    Our reversible medallions, for instance! On one side, a medallion “à la Monsieur” with one of our unique designs. And on the other side, a splendid precious stone nestled in the gold, which you can showcase when you desire. 

    Elias, for example, is adorned with an elegant black diamond, just like Lina. The refined Mya bets on its ruby whereas Kenza is set with an emerald. 

    So tell

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  4. Our exceptional pieces

    Our exceptional pieces

    Our three new pieces have one common goal: to shine as brightly as you. 

    And in all modesty, we believe to have achieved this daring bet. We work with an exceptional 18 karat gold that we have associated here with white diamonds for a luminous and timeless duo. 

    The Louise necklace is adorned with three white diamonds to sparkle in the hollow of your necklace with a discreet but certain charm.

    The Louise bangle is a beautiful gold bracelet, hammered by hand, on which diamonds are set. It associates itself beautifully with the rest of the Olympe collection. 

    And finally, the Anatole

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  5. The ideal jewelry pieces for a Capricorn

    The ideal jewelry pieces for a Capricorn

    Unlike the solar signs Leo and Scorpio, a Capricorn woman is rather introverted. For her, fine elegant jewelry is needed as it gives the discretion she needs all the while standing out. 

    Where to place your bets? A set that leaves nothing to chance, just like her, and which knows how to combine beauty with efficacy.

    What to avoid at all costs? Anything flashy.

    Our ideal recommendations: the Olympe bands, now essentials at Monsieur thanks to their disarming refined simplicity. The Anatole Coeur hoops, original but not overwhelming they adapt to any style. The Ira or Princesse

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  6. Love at first sight

    Love at first sight

    Across the world, throughout all ages, the eye is a symbol of luck and protection. On top of being a precious symbolic character for Nadia, our Monsieur founder, it is also a particularly striking graphic element that never goes unnoticed. 

    This is why the eye can be found throughout our creations: on top of bringing luck, it also adds style! It has quickly become a cult item at Monsieur. 

    First, there was our Joseph necklace in vermeil, which attracts attention from all angles. But also our beautiful Gabin in gold, graphic and captivating, with a modern look. 

    And finally, our latest novelty, our Joseph t-shirts, embroidered

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  7. Jewelry Harmony

    Jewelry Harmony

    What we love with thin jewelry is that it can be worn on its own on more days we wish to be more discrete, highlight a strong jewelry piece as a detail that makes all the difference, or stacked for a one of a kind set.

    Here at Monsieur, we love to create new set combinations for our thin jewelry. 

    To play on colors: mix different stones for the Anneau Olympe or different golds for the Bracelet Olympe. Remarkable look guaranteed!

    To play on size: the Rima and Lina medallion make a beautiful pair, and the thin Ira

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  8. Our Gold selection

    Our Gold selection

    For Christmas, nothing beats the sparkle of gold jewelry under the tree: bright enough to compete with the garland lights and beautiful enough to make you starry-eyed.

    Here is our selection of gifts that compile our most precious designs made in gold, that you know will make your loved one happy !

    For necklaces, there is the fine Princesse and Ira made with gold and diamonds, the elegant Olympe, and the romantic Aphrodite with its center stone. 

    On the ring’s side, you can never go wrong with an Olympe

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  9. Our Vermeil selection

    Our Vermeil selection

    Lighter than gold but warmer than silver, vermeil is often (unjustly so) set aside. Here at Monsieur, we love to highlight it’s nobleness. And such nobleness indeed ! 

    It's notably this metal that was used at Versaille for royal jewelry, as it was much lighter than gold and just as superb. If with that piece of history you’re not successful with your christmas gifts…

    If you’re looking for rings: there is our enchanting Illy sertie that sparkles, the timeless Ades double, but also Lucette, that captivates attention with its beautiful center stone. 

    For necklaces, Attrape-Coeur and

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  10. Monsieur en beauté

    Monsieur en beauté

    One of Monsieur's wishes has always been to emphasize your beauty. That is why we have decided to launch an exclusive range of cosmetics!

    Two sweet soaps, with a scent to die for, and lip balm for a lips worth kissing... For each order, we slip one of these pretty creations into your package.

    Inspired by the spirit of Monsieur, these are the new essentials to add to to your routine. The soaps pay homage to our signature stones for a morning or evening shower, while the lip balm accompanies you all day.

    Citrine is a ray of sunshine all by itself. Invigorating and sweet, we love it when we get out of bed to start our day on a good note.

    Rose Quartz is the ideal ally for moments of relaxation. Cocooning and soothing, it is best used  after a long, hard day to gently

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