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  1. “Années 80 : mode, design et graphisme en France” au Musée des Arts Décoratifs à Paris

    “Années 80 : mode, design et graphisme en France” au Musée des Arts Décoratifs à Paris

    Décennie historique en France, les années 80 résonnent comme un tournant artistique, notamment dans les domaines de la mode, du design et du graphisme. Le Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris les met à l’honneur à travers une exposition présentée dans la nef de l’institution jusqu’au 16 avril 2023.

    Époque foisonnante et ouverte à la pluralité des personnalités et des styles, les années 80 voient toute une génération d’artistes émerger, affranchis des injonctions de la société et portés par l’émancipation de la liberté d’expression et l’insouciance. La mode s’empare du vestiaire masculin, les médias et l’audiovisuel connaissent un essor historique et le design moderniste flirte avec l’univers néo-baroque, faisant de cette période une ère de bouleversement des styles, de spontanéité et de liberté. 

    Pour célébrer cette période frénétique, le Musée des Arts Décoratifs articule son exposition

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  2. Monsieur presents his new boutique

    Monsieur presents his new boutique

    11 years after its debut, Monsieur Paris reveals its new space at 53 rue Charlot, in the Marais, in the heart of the historic jewelry district.

    Two spaces follow one another, designed to make the boutique a place where customers feel comfortable and can discuss their desires to find the jewel that is made for them: first there is the exhibition space designed to showcase the creations, then a more confidential place, designed as a small lounge, dedicated to pause and reflect.

    The store is adorned with brass and tadelakt to evoke gold and green tourmaline, materials dear to Monsieur, and is itself a made-to-measure jewel. Like the Atelier Monsieur located a few meters away, cylindrical golden brass forms write the name "Monsieur" in Braille and in different Latin languages, all in a delightful play of contrasts and reliefs.

    The furniture is also thought out in the smallest details and made by craftsmen. The materials are noble and left raw so that the sensations of

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  3. Our winter jewelry

    Our winter jewelry

    Colors at half-mast, body wrapped up, ears tucked away under the hat: nice challenge to want to bet on jewelry when it's so cold that the slightest inch of skin that sticks out takes us directly to the North Pole.

    But here are our best tips for a warm winter without skimping on style:

    To spice up your sweaters: in the season of collars, it's not always easy to highlight your necklaces... Except when you opt for everyday pieces, to be worn over turtlenecks (why not?) or in the hollow of a V-neck or round neck: the Swing, Maud, Rosalie, Henrietta

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  4. Our lucky jewellery for the new year

    Our lucky jewellery for the new year

    Monsieur likes to create meaningful jewellery: each creation has its own story, ambition and inspiration. Associated with strong symbols, some creations have been designed as real lucky charms. With their finesse, delicacy and well thought-out details, these jewels are typically Monsieur. They have that little extra something that makes them even more universal...

    Alone or in an accumulation of charms on a gold chain, they lend themselves to all your desires. There is the Anatole range with its clover, heart or flower, the protective eye of the Médée

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  5. Our Christmas creations

    Our Christmas creations

    Christmas is: magic, glittering snowflakes, stars in your eyes and a big urge to give it all on the outfit. 

    Well received. To celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year, we created a capsule collection of three pieces in 18K gold and diamonds. We focused on our expertise in terms of materials and style. Shall we introduce them to you?

    On the Anja ring, the gold becomes a sculptural link to gracefully adorn your fingers. Inspired by an old Monsieur model, it is a very fine and elegant piece, on which the central diamond shines with a discreet brilliance that we never tire of.

    As for the Auxane bracelet and necklace, they join the ring in their irresistible sparkle:

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  6. Citrine, the lucky stone of November

    Citrine, the lucky stone of November

    With its iconic orange-yellow color, citrine is like an extra of summer before to enter winter. Bright and vivid: a real ray of sunshine.

    Its virtues are numerous and have been recognized since antiquity, when it was used not only in jewelry or combs, but also as protection. It's a radiant stone that promotes optimism and positive vibes. Just what you need at the moment, right? It is also believed to bring creative inspiration and even financial prosperity... A real good luck charm, especially for November natives.

    Very rare in its natural state, it is an unusual stone that knows how to be noticed. In jewelry, it is superb associated with pink or yellow gold, which emphasize its unique color.

    And at Monsieur ?

    What we like about, it is its unparalleled brilliance and its bright,

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  7. The making of Monsieur jewelry

    The making of Monsieur jewelry

    At Monsieur, to avoid over-manufacturing, we produce most of our pieces to order. Of course, we have a few of our designs in stock at the boutique so you may discover them and try them on, but the back of our shop isn’t overflowing with stock waiting to be on sale (which is one of the reasons we don’t do sales).

    Each piece takes time to be made: by hand by our jewelers, at your measurements, and with noble materials. Hence why there is a processing delay for a Monsieur piece. It’s the price to pay for a true jewelry piece made within the rules of the art of our craft in Paris

    Depending on the type of jewelry, the production steps differ. First comes meticulous metalwork that happens in our workshop which focuses on all of our jewelry savoir-faire: shaping the jewelry (sawing, soldering, sanding, sculpting), plays on textures (hammering, streaking, burning) or individual symbols. If there is a stone, we must sourc

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  8. The ideal jewelry for a Scorpio

    The ideal jewelry for a Scorpio

    As a Water sign, the native of Scorpio is a feisty one. Not one to do things by halves, she throws herself fully into what she is passionate about with a strength that can sometimes be frightening. Particularly magnetic, the Scorpio attracts all eyes almost in spite of herself. Unlike the Leo who likes to strut her stuff, the Scorpio woman fascinates with her passionate energy without necessarily trying to be noticed (let's not lie to ourselves: she loves it.) Sincere and genuine, she's the kind of person who tends to trigger immediate love or intimidated rejection. In both cases: she does not leave anyone indifferent.

    Particularly assumed in her most daring choices, she loves strong pieces to explore her creativity, not necessarily to please. The jacket with sequins at 9 o'clock in the morning? That's her. The bright red mouth that refuses nothing? That's her again. The vertiginous heels that make you raise your eyebrows? Yes, always her. Concretely,

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  9. Tourmaline, the lucky stone of October

    Tourmaline, the lucky stone of October

    Tourmaline is (unjustly) a little known stone. Often mentioned far behind the other stars of the podium, we rarely think of it... Wrongly, of course.

    This has not always been the case: long time ago, it was a fascinating stone for the enlightened, who considered that it protected demons that were supposed to invade the Earth. It interests scientists also because of its pyroelectric properties: if heated, it attracts small organic particles to itself. Not very useful information (having said that, we challenge you to place your jewel under a lighter to attract the ashes of a cigarette on the terrace under the amazed eyes of your friends), but all the same, it’s not nothing.

    It’s besides that which conferred to her for a long time an aura of stone close to the famous philosopher's stone for the alchemists. A few centuries later (we're sorry to say), it won't make you immortal, just more stylish. And maybe a little more creative too: tourmaline is the stone of poets, authors, mus

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  10. Fall jewelry

    Fall jewelry

    The sad little music in the background while looking at the rain falling on your weeping basil pots, the sigh as you pull your socks out of your drawer, the umbrella we forget everywhere... or not. Fall is not just a long agony until winter: it’s the occasion to mimic Nature and give it our all for a beautiful swan song before the temperatures seriously start to take their toll. 

    Here is our selection of jewelry to strut around fabulously in the coming months: 

    For a coffee under the heating lamps on a terrasse: we recommend jewelry with bright colors that will catch passerbys’ eyes and enhance your tan that is slowly fading away. The Ninon or Elia necklace, for instance, or the ring Diata

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