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All of Monsieur’s creations are made by hand by three jewelers who work following ancestral techniques “à la cheville”, which means without molding. They saw, solder, sand, sculpt, and hammer gold in our Parisian workshop. For the casting, enameling, plating, setting, or engraving, our workshop calls upon experienced craftsmen who are masters in their domain. Monsieur’s jewelry is the fruit of all this artisanal expertise.

Made in the Marais

From the design to the finished product, Monsieur’s collection doesn't travel more than one kilometer around the workshop situated in the Marais. It’s our way to make our mark in this district historically associated with jewelry makers. In the 14th century, the great names in jewelry settled in this district, as well as all the artisans, to follow their clientele. To this day a few historic workshops remain, such as the gilder and the stone setter that work on Monsieur’s jewelry.


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