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  1. The ruby, July’s stone

    The ruby, July’s stone

    Did you know that until the 16th century, ruby was much more popular than a diamond? It was the stone of kings and represented power. It was associated with mythical figures such as dragons and other fantastical beasts. Often used on crowns from the courts of Asia to Europe alike, it had the gift of capturing attention from the greatest. 

    Hence its symbolism is associated with power and vigor. Renown for being the stone associated with the heart chakra, it increases all passions and stimulates enthusiasm. Summer lovers, you were warned... 

    It’s also a stone that is said to have the virtue of detoxifying blood, improving circulation, and developing self-confidence and enthusiasm. In short, with a ruby, your will walk with your head held high and a light heart.

    And at Monsieur?

    We love to associate its fiery glow with yellow gold for a slightly retro look. On the rings Olympe serti

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  2. When flowers and hearts bloom...

    When flowers and hearts bloom...

    The enigma of the summer is not Atlantic or Mediterranean; it’s heart or flower. Our two new themes made in silver or vermeil will make you doubt.

    On one end, the Rift Coeur line and its textured welded hearts, for a surprising staple in your collection, on your wrist or your ears. With a bathing suit, on a cardigan at sunset, to work for those who leave late, these are basics that can be worn with anything. 

    On the other end, the flowers are combined with a turquoise stone for a play-on color that will take your breath away. Anella and Kella reinvent the flower in a more raw and graphic silhouette, to bloom beautifully without being sentimental. 

    Which side are you on, hearts or flowers?

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  3. Summer jewels

    Summer jewels

    In the summer there are two possibilities. Either you bet it all on extravagance, bright colors, daring haircut, and other statements you didn’t dare try during the year; or, you consider that timeless basics are perfect for your suitcase. 

    If you identify yourself in the first category, we recommend jewelry that reflects this desire: pieces with variegated stones and creative silhouettes that don’t go unnoticed. The necklaces Anella and Kella for their floral motif and their colorful stone. The necklace Lehda if you would like something more simple with a touch of color on the stone, the Sofia necklace, and its garland of bright stones (that also serves as a lucky charm). For earrings, we love the beautiful colors of the

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  4. The ideal jewelry for a Gemini

    The ideal jewelry for a Gemini

    Natural and cheerful, the Gemini woman is ever-changing. Particularly mischievous, she loves to play in her relationship and her look. The type to change her lipstick color five times a day but wear her favorite top five days a week, she thinks a lot but acts on a whim. 

    What she loves, associating timeless pieces (she never tires of) with some more daring pieces, out of her comfort zone which she takes out for fun outings.

    Particularly intellectual, the Gemini woman loves to find sense in things. A beautiful jewel is nice, but a beautiful jewel with meaning- it makes her stand out! And that she LOVES.

    What to bet on? Pieces to associate for this dual sign. On one side, pieces she will never want to take off and that go with her entire wardrobe (as eclectic as she is), and on the other side, slightly more daring pieces on which she can draw on sudden inspiration. 

    To avoid at all cost? Honestly? Nothing. The Gemini woman will always find a way to

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  5. The Pearl, June’s stone

    The Pearl, June’s stone

    A timeless stone, the pearl has passed through the ages brilliantly. Iconic on the Girl with the Pearl Earring, loved by Marie-Antoinette, a signature for Coco Chanel- each time it is reinvented. On top of being beautiful, it also possesses powers. 

    We have always loved to lend it fantastic legends: a pearl of the moon’s dew, tears of the stars, gift of the gods at sea… not too shabby, right? Its pure appearance and pearly shine as well as the nuances of its colors make it a particularly fascinating stone. Associated with nobility and purity, it was once used as a wedding stone and of social distinction. 

    Regarding its powers, the pearl is particularly fascinating, as they depend on its reflections. Totally white? The pearl helps to purify and uplift the mind. Slightly beige? It brings softness and appeasement. Grey nuances? It allows to be more modest and thoughtful. Blush? Ah, here we touch on

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  6. Gold paired with color

    Gold paired with color

    What we loved with colorful stones is that they contrast 18 karat gold to bring it a touch of brightness. A modern partnership with a vintage feel that Monsieur adores. On our four new rings that we’ve secretly been working on for months, we ally bright colors and thoughtful design, for unique models that stand out.

    For everyday wear, there is Doress, completely retro and feminine with is pink or green tourmaline and two delicate diamonds. A touch of color and finesse that doesn’t go unnoticed. And there is Cella, where the gold and tourmaline combine to show off and allow for a possible custom engraving. 

    Next, there are exceptional rings. Those that shock with their detail, play on color, and splendid stones. Duna allies diamond and ruby or emerald, your choice, in a beautiful shape of a drop that you

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  7. Our new gold and diamond rings

    Our new gold and diamond rings

    On one side we have 18 karat gold, for a bright ring that will resist everything.

    On the other side, we have diamonds, excellent eternal stones, to sparkle brightly. 

    For these five new rings, we bet everything on our expertise in terms of style and materials. Shall we present them?

    First, there is the bague Rosa, where hold becomes lace and diamond becomes a flower. In this floral composition (hence its name), the Rosa ring blooms on your hand like a beautiful rosebush.

    Next, there is Dyhia. More minimalistic and classic, it is an open ring with three small diamonds on each side. The perfect ring for an everyday look (or for the rest of your life: it would make for a beautiful engagement ring!)

    For a more vintage feel, we have created Auxane: a ring

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  8. The ideal jewelry for a Taurus

    The ideal jewelry for a Taurus

    The Taurus woman is distinguished by her natural elegance and her love for beautiful things. And “beautiful things”, for a Taurus, does not mean extravagant luxury items. A cashmere sweater, a glass of wine on a terrace, vacation amongst friends in Corrèze: simple things that bring much joy. Hedonistic and sensual, the Taurus woman loves to seduce with little details that create her charm. Slightly materialistic, she accords much importance to the objects that are dear to her. 

    What should you bet on? Pieces that will highlight her charm casually. A necklace that falls into the hollow of her chest, earrings that underline the curve of her neck. . .

    What to avoid? Pieces that are too flashy or visible, that are bought on a whim but never worn.

    Our ideal recommendations: the Valentin necklace that will catch the eye thanks to its voluptuous form and a central stone, the necklaces Pince

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  9. Jewelry and emotions

    Jewelry and emotions

    Jewelry is often filled with meaning that makes it indispensable and unique. Hence why we create personalizable pieces that allow you to associate a story with our pieces. 

    For a lucky charm aspect, there are the birthstones that each hold magical powers and singular signification. We write articles on the subject each month, don’t hesitate to go see which stone is yours. . .

    For a sentimental side, our designs with symbolic shapes like the hearts from our new Hayda line or our iconic Anatole. Magical numbers like 3 can be found on multiple pieces of our catalog with Louise, Princesse, Olympe, Ombeline

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  10. May’s stone: the emerald

    May’s stone: the emerald

    In our minds, the emerald is associated with two spectacular women: Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, that loved stones. And Esmeralda, who wore it as an amulet around her neck. If you’re looking for sensuality and femininity, it’s hard to do better. Needless to say, it’s a stone that we get a lot of inspiration from. . . 

    For thousands of years, the emerald has been subject to fascination. And even if the Babylonians used it as monetary exchange (can you imagine buying your baguette with one), during the Middle Ages, it gained momentum in the mystique: the Holy Grail, for instance, is meant to be made in emerald. 

    Since Antiquity, the emerald is a symbol of the power of regeneration. As a “detox” stone, it is supposed to accelerate the purification of the body and mind. Bye-bye negative thoughts and clogged livers: this is the stone of renewal and new impetus. It is also a helpful stone that favors clairvoyance, which allows to better meditate and stimulates the intel

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