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  1. Golden Love

    Golden Love

    As a subliminal message, more or less discrete, to gift to your loved one, or even to gift yourself (#selflove), our new designs decorated whith hearts will capture yours!

    The hearts are artistic in their unique signature shape, far from your standard heart that you can find anywhere. 

    Sure, we love hearts at Monsieur, but we prefer to set aside the overly-done romantic symbol and dare the thin gold wire hammered by hand in our Parisian workshop. Brut aspect meets a fine and soft symbol: everything you need to never bore of this new signature piece. 

    One the necklace or bracelet Mina, the heart is either the central piece or in tandem.

    So, love at first sight ?

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  2. The diamond, April’s stone

    The diamond, April’s stone

    You can’t get more iconic than a diamond. And it has been the case for more than three millennia: in India, it is called “fruit of the stars”. Not too bad! During the antiquity period, it was worn to wear off poison (do not try at home in 2021). And naturally, it has always been a symbol of everlasting love. . . In short: diamonds are elevated to the ranks of quasi-divinity in numerous cultures, its admired unmatchable shine has placed it at the top of the rank of royal stones. 

    It has a reputation for being invincible (it is the strongest material in its raw state), the very word diamond means “untameable”. If we’re talking about magical powers, it’s the ideal stone for those who need to find new inner strength and a boost in life. It is also a stone that favors the alignment of all our energies, as it allows us to restore internal harmony.

    Particularly useful in April, due to the change in season (#snowandsuninthe same hour). 

    This protective stone can tur

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  3. Lucky Charms Jewels

    Lucky Charms Jewels

    A Monsieur jewelry piece isn’t just about the way it looks, but also about its story: Nadia, our founder, is very attached to symbolics, and they figure heavily in our pieces. 

    Our favorites? Those we create to bring you protection and luck. Must-haves for this period of endless quarantine. 

    First, there are stones that can make you feel good, like the soothing lapis lazuli of the Walli necklace, the benevolent rose quartz of the beautiful rings  Aimée, Marguerite, Orphée, or Ophélie.

    The refreshing garnet on the Carmen ring, the necklaces Ela,

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  4. Vermeil


    Often unfairly set aside, vermeil is a precious and noble metal. Lighter than gold, it was used to make more comfortable crowns, hence its success in France’s and England’s royal courts. . . We can trace it back to Antiquity, the Incas, and the Middle Ages. Many pieces made with vermeil have been found intact from these periods, so we have century-old evidence that vermeil lasts.

    It is made of sterling silver 925/1000 and is plated with 5 microns of gold, much thicker than a simple gold plating with thin gold. It also lasts longer than gold-plated metals and is more solid.

    One of its numerous advantages is that it requires little maintenance. With time, a patina will form which might require a second plating, that we provide at Monsieur to bring back to life your vermeil jewelry with a new shine.

    At Monsieur, both precious metals that are pieces are made with are hypoallergenic, in contrast to gold platted jewelry made with brass.

    We love to use it on

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  5. Monsieur recycles

    Monsieur recycles

    In the jewelry-making world, we often focus on appearances. The shining metals, the sparkling stones, the smile of the woman wearing them, etc… And, naturally, it’s a magical universe. But it is also an industry in which the resources diminish little by little as gold and silver are not limitless or renewable. Let’s get the scary numbers out of the way: according to the USGS (The United States Geological Survey), the supply still buried equates to 54 000 tons or 16 years of production at the current production rate. We can estimate that 80% of available gold has already been extracted. Oops.

    To reduce the impact of the mining industry and to continue to produce jewelry in a responsible way, it is necessary, more than ever, to reuse metals. The good news, this method has been used by jewelers for hundreds of years: the jewelry-making industry was a pioneer for recycling. 

    How does it work? Each gram of gold or silver that can be reused is carefully collected and s

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  6. Gold


    Gold is without a doubt the most iconic metal in jewelry making. Precious and noble, it has many symbolisms and has been elevated to ranks of the divine in several cultures- most likely due to its bright color, reminiscent of the sun.

    Associated with wisdom and energy, gold is radiant and timeless. Due to its flexibility, it doesn’t tarnish, which allows for the creation of finely crafted pieces.

    At Monsieur, we have imagined two iconic lines crafted with this metal:

    - The Olympe family, all in delicacy, which can also adorn itself with beautiful stones to make it shine even brighter, like white diamonds. An ode to femininity in all its splendor, which highlights a fine and elegant gold. 

    - The Princesse family, the very first Monsieur creation, where the gold is crafted with a m

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  7. Aquamarine, march's birthstone

    Aquamarine, march's birthstone

    As fascinating and pure as the sparkling ocean, the aquamarine gives its name to it: it signifies “seawater”. Personified Undine, aquamarine is a stone that was already strongly coveted in Antiquity. Stone of nymphs and mermaids, it was a magic gem that fascinated poets and mystics. It was used to make statues and crystal balls due to its divine virtues. It must also be said that we could drown in its splendid limpid color. . .

    And for a good reason: the aquamarine has strong calming virtues. Particularly useful against insomnia and stress, it is a protective stone that keeps evil spirits away and helps those who wear it to see more clearly, without being overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

    The artist’s stone stimulates creativity and facilitates communication: which is why it is traditionally associated with happy and fulfilled couples, that communicate with ease. (Let’s agree that “Can you get bread?” does not count as clear communication.)

    And believe us:

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  8. The stone made for you

    The stone made for you

    There is the tourmaline and its surprising green and rose tones. The garnet and its deep vintage red. The feminine and delicate pearl, representing elegance with excellence. The timeless diamond, that needs no introduction. And so many more...

    Stones are an integral part of Monsieur’s jewelry-making approach. We love them for their character and work with them, here, in our workshop with our craftsmanship knowledge, to create unique jewelry that corresponds to our customer's wildest dreams.

    This is why, if you have a particular desire for a stone of a specific piece, know that it is possible to adapt our jewelry to your desires. Especially since stones capture attention for their symbolism and the meaning we give them: if you fell in love with a model but imagine it with a garnet instead of a diamond, we would happily create this piece just for you. 

    Since everything is handmade in our workshop, each jewelry piece can be tailored to your desires, from the g

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  9. Perfect jewels for an Aquarius woman

    Perfect jewels for an Aquarius woman

    The word to describe an Aquarius woman? Paradox.

    And even if it can (sometimes) be a shortcoming - let’s be honest- it’s mostly a great quality that allows for limitless inventiveness.

    Hence, the importance of having jewelry that she can interchange and reinvent continuously. One-piece on Monday, a duo on Tuesday, bare on Wednesday, and a full set on Thursday. . .

    Where should you place your bets? Pieces that are simple yet stand out, that can be worn on their own or stacked to create thousands of associations. 

    Our ideal recommendations: the Yvette and Inaya bracelets, for their finesse that allows creativity to run wild.

    The necklaces Elvire and Bathilde, with graphic engravings that catch the eye.

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  10. Our customizable jewelry

    Our customizable jewelry

    Customization is a service that we are very proud of at Monsieur: since our jewelry is made by hand by our jewelers in our workshop, we can take in your requests to bring life to your pieces.

    A piece of jewelry is not just decoration: it is often a reflection of intimate sentiment, of something important to you. All the more reason to make it perfect in accordance to your wishes.

    To create the piece that you dream of, it is as simple as coming to the boutique to discuss with us the possibilities, choosing an existing model, and reinterpreting it your way. Stone, engraving, the color of gold, length of the chain, size (and even half-sizes, we love the attention to detail)...

    Allow your creativity to run free: we love a challenge. We will discuss together your project to bring it to life, give you our advice, and thus create the jewelry piece just for you, to make you even more unique than you already are.

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