Citrine, the lucky stone of November

With its iconic orange-yellow color, citrine is like an extra of summer before to enter winter. Bright and vivid: a real ray of sunshine.

Its virtues are numerous and have been recognized since antiquity, when it was used not only in jewelry or combs, but also as protection. It's a radiant stone that promotes optimism and positive vibes. Just what you need at the moment, right? It is also believed to bring creative inspiration and even financial prosperity... A real good luck charm, especially for November natives.

Very rare in its natural state, it is an unusual stone that knows how to be noticed. In jewelry, it is superb associated with pink or yellow gold, which emphasize its unique color.

And at Monsieur ?

What we like about, it is its unparalleled brilliance and its bright, vitamin-rich color. That's why we use it on our Nielé and Adama rings, combined with other stones for a colorful ensemble (like a candy). But it is also the beautiful part in single stone. More of a pear? Mademoiselle. Rather oval? Ikenna. Rather baguette? Ewandé Baguette. Rather round sober? Ewande Ronde. In all the cases, you will have a sun with the finger to give you force.