Our lucky jewellery for the new year

Monsieur likes to create meaningful jewellery: each creation has its own story, ambition and inspiration. Associated with strong symbols, some creations have been designed as real lucky charms. With their finesse, delicacy and well thought-out details, these jewels are typically Monsieur. They have that little extra something that makes them even more universal...

Alone or in an accumulation of charms on a gold chain, they lend themselves to all your desires. There is the Anatole range with its clover, heart or flower, the protective eye of the Médée necklace, or the Dina collection with its Fatma hand watching over you. 

Real daily companions because of their power and their timeless style. We advise you to wear them when you need a little help from the universe: on Monday morning, on Friday the 13th, on the day you negotiate your raise or simply every day because why not?