The making of Monsieur jewelry

At Monsieur, to avoid over-manufacturing, we produce most of our pieces to order. Of course, we have a few of our designs in stock at the boutique so you may discover them and try them on, but the back of our shop isn’t overflowing with stock waiting to be on sale (which is one of the reasons we don’t do sales).

Each piece takes time to be made: by hand by our jewelers, at your measurements, and with noble materials. Hence why there is a processing delay for a Monsieur piece. It’s the price to pay for a true jewelry piece made within the rules of the art of our craft in Paris

Depending on the type of jewelry, the production steps differ. First comes meticulous metalwork that happens in our workshop which focuses on all of our jewelry savoir-faire: shaping the jewelry (sawing, soldering, sanding, sculpting), plays on textures (hammering, streaking, burning) or individual symbols. If there is a stone, we must source it to propose a unique and quality stone, and work with a gem setter to showcase its beauty. For gold jewelry, the final polishing step is crucial to bring out its shine. The vermeil pieces are dipped in gold coating to obtain that beautiful radiant gold color. 

All of these demanding criteria result in a production period averaging four to six weeks. 

Not to mention the unique pieces made just for you, that we are proud to offer. For these, a longer delay is necessary: we take the time to exchange and work together (you, Nadia, and our jewelers) to bring life to the jewelry piece of your dreams

If we’re taking the time to share this with you, it is first because it’s very important to us: at Monsieur, our driving force is our love for savoir-faire. In each of our jewels, you feel an imprint of time as well as patient and careful manual work from our jewelers. 

We also anticipate the Holidays (it’s knocking at our door). The Christmas gifts are currently being prepared at Monsieur! Our workshop is starting to receive orders for the end of the year. The artisanal process for our jewelry takes time: we recommend brainstorming your gifts right now. Don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or to contact us for your gift to make it in time under your tree (or for any other celebration- birthdays, weddings, baptisms…)