Our Christmas creations

Christmas is: magic, glittering snowflakes, stars in your eyes and a big urge to give it all on the outfit. 

Well received. To celebrate the most anticipated holiday of the year, we created a capsule collection of three pieces in 18K gold and diamonds. We focused on our expertise in terms of materials and style. Shall we introduce them to you?

On the Anja ring, the gold becomes a sculptural link to gracefully adorn your fingers. Inspired by an old Monsieur model, it is a very fine and elegant piece, on which the central diamond shines with a discreet brilliance that we never tire of.

As for the Auxane bracelet and necklace, they join the ring in their irresistible sparkle: the center diamond is accompanied by two other diamonds like petals or the wings of an angel (Christmas magic, isn't it?). The golden chain is fine and feminine, and the diamonds sparkle like snowflakes. 

Timeless creations that you can wear all year round, on your turtlenecks as well as your summer dresses.