Amethyst, February’s stone

We never want to be gloom and doom merchants, but February's vibe isn’t predicted to be very optimistic.

Regardless, at Monsieur, we only focus on the positive. So we may be working from home in our pajamas (shhh...), but we have our beautiful jewelry on to lift our moods and style. And for that, there isn’t anything better than the amethyst. Not only does it attract compliments with its unique purple color, but it also holds many powers. 

First, it calms anxieties and prevents nightmares. Which, given the context, is pretty convenient. 

Second, it stimulates creativity and rebalances the mind. Perfect for stimulating your artistic side during the vacation that is just around the corner. Lastly, it fights against excess and addiction. Etymologically, the word “amethyst” comes from the fact that it was used during antiquity to avoid drunkenness. . .

Well, on this last point, we can’t promise anything. The main attraction for February is still the raclettes, crêpes, and wining and dining. Since the amethyst also brings clarity and concentration, the next morning may be slightly easier...


And at Monsieur?

The strength of the amethyst is that it is a stone that is paired well with all colors of gold. With white gold and yellow (even rose gold), it promises a happy marriage.

On rings, it is highlighted on our classics Orphée, Marguerite, and Ophélie, where the stone keeps all of the spotlights. On our model Elia, it is decorated with beautiful and delicate arabesques, which combined with the purple color of the stone gives off an almost magical aura.

An inspiration that you can find again in our necklace Elia, where the stone is decorated with “claw-like” prongs that interlace the stone like the pedestal of a crystal ball. . .

And for your wrist, we associate it with à thin twisted bracelet on our Merveille design, to highlight it with simplicity and elegance.