Anti-blues jewelry

Our jewelry isn't actually magical (although...)

However, thanks to their light, their symbolism, and their colors, they can boost morale for those who aren’t feeling their best. And as we leave Blue Monday (the most depressing day of the year), we truly need them . . .

Here is a selection of jewelry guaranteed to bring you good vibes and kindness, to forget the greyness you see outside and feel inside if you’re feeling slightly gloomy. 

First, there is obviously the Joseph bangle with its protecting eye that will know how to warm up the most wintery of outfits with its golden light and will watch over you like a lucky star. 

Second, the Adama ring, with its combination of colored stones, will be a constant reminder that there are other colors than grey in life. 

And finally, the Illy necklace, with its fabulous snake. A symbol of balance and eternity. 

Now you’re ready to defeat the blues.