Aquamarine, march's birthstone

As fascinating and pure as the sparkling ocean, the aquamarine gives its name to it: it signifies “seawater”. Personified Undine, aquamarine is a stone that was already strongly coveted in Antiquity. Stone of nymphs and mermaids, it was a magic gem that fascinated poets and mystics. It was used to make statues and crystal balls due to its divine virtues. It must also be said that we could drown in its splendid limpid color. . .

And for a good reason: the aquamarine has strong calming virtues. Particularly useful against insomnia and stress, it is a protective stone that keeps evil spirits away and helps those who wear it to see more clearly, without being overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

The artist’s stone stimulates creativity and facilitates communication: which is why it is traditionally associated with happy and fulfilled couples, that communicate with ease. (Let’s agree that “Can you get bread?” does not count as clear communication.)

And believe us: It is the ideal stone to prevent sore throats and respiratory infections. If that isn’t a sign. . .


And at Monsieur?

We love the aquamarine for its softness and its unique shine that is contrasted with yellow gold.

On rings, we love to make this stone a staple of our designs, like on our models Aimée, Ophélie, Ewandé ronde and Éwandé baguette.

On the Eugène bracelet, it is adorned with a golden link that will add sparkle to your wrist.