Back-to-school jewelry

The end of summer break is never easy, all we need is a little motivation and we go back to thriving. We don’t know about you guys, but we’re having a hard time imagining wearing anything other than our Birkenstocks with the same shorts we’ve been wearing for two weeks...

September still has its good side. Here is our selection of jewelry for the start of the new school year, that will go perfectly with your tan.

For a minimalist back-to-school, we’re placing our bets on elegant jewelry: the Henrietta lin, the necklaces Mina (duo or solo), the Swing necklace to be engraved or not, the Diane ring, the Abel ring, the Jeanne ring, the bracelets Alexandra, the Romane bracelet, and the Edgar line. 

For a back-to-school with a lucky star, we’re choosing amongst our Monsieur symbols such as the eye of the Joseph line, the Berber medallions, or the Attrape Coeur necklace with its hand of Fatma.

And for a colorful back-to-school, we choose the Tia studs, the Doress ring, the Kalla or Anella necklace, the Olympe bands, the Madiba rings, or the bright hues of the Diata earrings. 

For men, we recommend our unisex jewelry, like the famous Joseph medallion, the silver Marius bangle, the Leon bangle, or the Olympe band, discreet while making a statement. 

And don’t worry, we know that there are a few jealous kiddos that want to be included... For children, know that some of our pieces are adaptable for smaller sizes: it’s hard not to fall in love with our Rosa bracelet for our little princesses, the Anatole Coeur studs for the romantics, the Anatole trèfle studs for those who need a little extra luck, and the Apolline necklace for those that love to shine, or even the Marie bracelet.