Beloved Lucky Charms

Our talisman jewelry can be worn with any outfit to bring you luck, in addition to adding a particular flair to your look.

These new pieces are close to our hearts at Monsieur, as they are symbolic and serve as protection. 

First, there is the Sofia necklace, available in three colors- white pearl, blue lapis, and green aventurine- that enhance the gold glow of the hand-shaped pendant. Choose wisely: each stone has a power that is unique to it. Lapis rejuvenates and generates balance, Aventurine soothes and comforts, and the pearl highlights softness and femininity. 

Next, there is the Dina bracelet, necklace, and earrings in 18 karat gold. Timeless and elegant pieces on which the protective hand pendant twirls. Accompanied by a four-leaf clover or a heart on the bracelet and the necklace, and sublimed by a diamond on the earrings.  

And finally, the iconic Gabin is reinvented as a hoop earring, set with a diamond. 

With these pieces, luck is knocking at your door. A way to forget 2020 and start a prospering new year !