Best enemies

Gold and vermeil have often been considered rivals. But at Monsieurs, we don’t like unjustified conflict. So we love to reconcile them, especially since they are both precious and noble materials that we love to use when creating pieces that will be timeless in style as well as quality. 

Mixing their warm tones that respond to each other allows for perfect and unexpected harmony. . .  And for making your wallet happy: by mixing 18 karat gold and vermeil, it’s up to you to create the set that corresponds to your desires... and your budget.

Our recommendations for the perfect match?

The Mya necklace that befriends the Princess, or Rosalie and Tia.

For rings, under the ruby theme, Athénais small and the Anneau Olympe go together wonderfully, just like Lila with its mother-of-pearl stone and the Bague Olympe.

For your wrists, we highly recommend the Izza bangle with the delicate side of the Olympe bracelet.

The only problem with this revelation: you will fall in love twice at first sight. . .