Citrine, November’s stone

After October's tourmaline, here is November's citrine. Traditionally associated with this month, the citrine is radiant. Its yellow color represents a winter’s sun.  

Its virtues are plenty and recognized since Antiquity, where it was used not only to decorate jewelry or combs but also for protection. It’s a radiant stone that favors optimism and positive vibes. Exactly what you need for the grey month that it represents. It is also credited with virtues of creative inspiration and even financial prosperity. . . A true lucky-charm, notably for those born in November. 

Extremely rare in its natural state, it is not a common stone that knows how to stand out. In jewelry-making, the stone is best associated with yellow or rose gold, which underlines its unique color. 

And at Monsieur ? 

What we love in this stone is its unmatched shine, its bright and bold color. Which is why we associate it with our Nielé and Diata rings, pendants, and bracelets, along with other colorful stones, like candy. Do you prefer: pear cut? Mademoiselle; oval cut? Ikenna; round or emerald cut? Ewandé. With all options, you’ll carry a small part of the sun on your finger to give you strength!