Engagement rings

A forever ring

The engagement ring is THE piece that you never take off. 

And though you want it delicate enough to match with all your outfits, it must also represent you perfectly and stand out. 

It is with this in mind that we have created our engagement rings. Unique designs that will resonate with you, and that you will never tire of.

If you love classics, no other stone beats the diamond. Eternal and symbolic, it catches the light and has a unique and elegant shine.  

Our iconic Olympe, with its timeless simplicity. The simple yet effective Maya. The majestic Aristote and its detailed band. The splendid Reine Solitaire to stand out. The delicate Reine Pastille with its delicate sparkle. And finally the Léonie, with its constellation of stones. 

If you tend to draw outside the lines, you will lean more towards our colored stones: the eternal Babette with its morganite. Eugène and the stone of your choice intertwined in a golden embrace. The splendid tourmaline of the poetic Elia. The original Diata and its combination of three stones that compliment each other. The unparalleled Aphrodite in terms of its romanticism. And finally, Orphée, Marguerite, and Ophélie, which allow you to personalize it with the stone that best represents you.