Engagement rings “à la” Monsieur

At Monsieur, all of our jewelry is handmade with one idea in mind: to please as long as possible. And even though it is the case for all of our designs, even more so for our engagement rings. The engagement ring is one that you will wear every day with any outfit, on all occasions, and we bet that you will even shower and sleep with it. Hence it is important that it is made well. First the quality, with pieces handmade in our Parisian workshop, in 18 karat gold and exceptional stones such as diamonds or others you might not expect. 

Then the style? We design pieces that correspond to all types of women. The solitaire ring in its essential form (such as the Ayaka, Olympe, and Aristote), revisited with a small aesthetic twist to make them not so basic. Or, the more modern solitaire rings, with details on the band such as the Maya and Reine. Looking for something a little different? We have pieces that dare to be an engagement ring like Mademoiselle, Babette, or Orphée. Others such as Marguerite, Ikenna, or Ewande bet on a graphic and minimalistic look. And still others like Diata or Aurore showcase the triptych of stones (why settle for one stone when you could have three?)

And for those who want something more specific?

We love a challenge. Don’t hesitate to call us or to come by the boutique, when that will be possible, to talk about your dream ring. We would love to give it life thanks to our made-to-measure option.