Fall jewelry

The sad little music in the background while looking at the rain falling on your weeping basil pots, the sigh as you pull your socks out of your drawer, the umbrella we forget everywhere... or not. Fall is not just a long agony until winter: it’s the occasion to mimic Nature and give it our all for a beautiful swan song before the temperatures seriously start to take their toll. 

Here is our selection of jewelry to strut around fabulously in the coming months: 

For a coffee under the heating lamps on a terrasse: we recommend jewelry with bright colors that will catch passerbys’ eyes and enhance your tan that is slowly fading away. The Ninon or Elia necklace, for instance, or the ring Diata

For a walk under the falling leaves: we’re betting on gold to associate with the colors of the landscape. Preferably hammered, to stand out. The Marius line perfectly responds to this brief. 

To add a twist to your typical trench-jean-boots: yes, we’ve seen you. And we don’t blame you: have we seen a better fall outfit? No. However, to stand out from the crowd, dare graphic pieces you won’t see elsewhere (contrary to those little loafers you’ve already seen three times on the street). For instance, the Lita hoops or the bangles Joseph, Edgar, and Marie. Enough to compensate for the blues of the long-sleeved shirt. 

For tea under the covers while watching Netflix: yes, fall is made of rusted pumpkin in pajamas. But that doesn’t mean it has to be done in abnegation of your self-esteem. For the days “without”, Monsieur creates casual pieces, that elevate your mood and style without too much effort. Our talisman jewelry, that even bring you luck. The Anatole Trèfle studs, for example, or the jewelry using rose quartz with benevolent power, like Ophélie or Aimée.