Fall’s adornments

Fall is Nature’s last dance before entering a deep sleep. Therefore, she goes all out: colors galore, golden lights, glowing tones. A unique and sublime palette that inspires us at Monsieur. And that we’ve re-transcribe in our jewelry. . .

From carnelian to rubies and citrine, here are our designs that perfectly symbolize this season, and will make you shine: 

For the fiery carnelian, the beautiful Oscar necklace catches the eye. 

The garnet can be found on the Athénaïs bracelet and necklace, the Tia studs or hoops, and the Ela and Naby necklace.

To contrast the red, there is the Ninon necklace with its rose quartz, the symbolic Diata with its triptych of bright stones. 

And finally, the unforgettable ruby can be found on the rings Assia and Pénélope. 

Are you ready to adorn yourself for fall?