For you Mom

She was there in the best times, like the worst times. She knows you through and through, and she loves you regardless. In her traits, you’ll find your own. . .

Moms are unique, and Mother’s Day is the occasion to thank them for all those years of love.

To honor her, we recommend two themes that each bet on different ways to wish for your Mom.

One one side love, with jewelry made as a declaration. The delicate hearts of the Mina collection, like a drawing. The hungry heart of the Valentin necklace. The Attrape-Coeur necklace, that is combined with the protective hand. Or the Fella necklace, with its heart that shines brightly. 

On the other side, the following lucky-charm symbols that accompany your Mom daily. To give back to your guiding star that has watched over you since forever. . . With Gabin and its discrete but elegant eye, the Joseph collection, and the protective hand of Sofia