Gold is without a doubt the most iconic metal in jewelry making. Precious and noble, it has many symbolisms and has been elevated to ranks of the divine in several cultures- most likely due to its bright color, reminiscent of the sun.

Associated with wisdom and energy, gold is radiant and timeless. Due to its flexibility, it doesn’t tarnish, which allows for the creation of finely crafted pieces.

At Monsieur, we have imagined two iconic lines crafted with this metal:

- The Olympe family, all in delicacy, which can also adorn itself with beautiful stones to make it shine even brighter, like white diamonds. An ode to femininity in all its splendor, which highlights a fine and elegant gold. 

- The Princesse family, the very first Monsieur creation, where the gold is crafted with a minimalist matt and timeless effect. A white diamond is placed on the try of gold dots, like an ellipsis that starts creativity. A royal line that reigns on all others with its proud timelessness.