Gold paired with color

What we loved with colorful stones is that they contrast 18 karat gold to bring it a touch of brightness. A modern partnership with a vintage feel that Monsieur adores. On our four new rings that we’ve secretly been working on for months, we ally bright colors and thoughtful design, for unique models that stand out.

For everyday wear, there is Doress, completely retro and feminine with is pink or green tourmaline and two delicate diamonds. A touch of color and finesse that doesn’t go unnoticed. And there is Cella, where the gold and tourmaline combine to show off and allow for a possible custom engraving. 

Next, there are exceptional rings. Those that shock with their detail, play on color, and splendid stones. Duna allies diamond and ruby or emerald, your choice, in a beautiful shape of a drop that you won’t see anywhere else. Dalina plays on the delicate power of the six diamonds, set in a surprising textured band. 

Whichever one stole your heart, these are rings that we have imagined with one goal: being able to wear them daily and forever. Because they are ideal as engagement rings…

Right honey?