Jewelry Harmony

What we love with thin jewelry is that it can be worn on its own on more days we wish to be more discrete, highlight a strong jewelry piece as a detail that makes all the difference, or stacked for a one of a kind set.

Here at Monsieur, we love to create new set combinations for our thin jewelry. 

To play on colors: mix different stones for the Anneau Olympe or different golds for the Bracelet Olympe. Remarkable look guaranteed!

To play on size: the Rima and Lina medallion make a beautiful pair, and the thin Ira necklace is the perfect counterbalance for the Princesse necklace. 

To play on shapes: the Séraphine and Justine rings fit into each other perfectly, and the Olympe and Reine rings make a beautiful duo. 

To play on symbolisms: we recommend associating the Joseph and Gabin necklaces that go particularly well together. And it’s two lucky charms instead of one. . .

So, which jewelry harmony inspires you most?