Ideal jewelry for a Virgo

That girl you can’t keep your eyes off of in the street with her impeccable outfit from head to toe?

We’re ready to bet she’s a Virgo. And even if it’s the sign of rigor, order, and reason, it’s also a sign that often gets its qualities defined as flaws. Rigid and cold? Nonsense. You just need to get to know her and she will be revealed as far more sincere and warm than the astrology clichés suggest.

There is an element of truth in the portrait: the Virgo woman is indeed very orderly, but that gives her an innate sense of elegance. A follower of the “essentials” style, she turns the streets into her runway daily with her long cashmere coat, her perfectly tailored jackets, her shoes you could die for, and her trendsetter fashion sense. With her, nothing is ever in excess. And every element of surprise (such as a bright pop of color in a basic look) is carefully calculated. For her jewelry, you must think of pieces that are both discrete and inventive, that she’ll be able to associate with her curated wardrobe. A significant advantage for Monsieur: the Virgo woman particularly appreciates brands that pay attention to producing coherent and meaningful products and give value to the origin of things and a job well done. Bingo.

Where should you place your bets? Detail-oriented pieces, far from trivial or hastily put on before going out. Clear, rather uncluttered, jewelry which she will quickly organize in her jewelry box (she’s a Virgo and therefore a storage fanatic). An equally good idea: a complete set, for her desire to commit whole-heartedly. 

What to avoid? Chunky jewelry, but you won’t risk seeing that at Monsieur. Very eccentric pieces that denote her classic style (although she might take it up as a challenge). Our Ideal recommendations: the Emma ring with her sublime simplicity, the beautiful Alice ring punctuated with diamonds, the Romane theme and it's graphic and minimalistic lines that she can wear as an entire set (ring, bracelet, earrings), the Ysée theme that she can personalize, the romantic and chic Louis necklace or the Magda necklace.