Jewelry and emotions

Jewelry is often filled with meaning that makes it indispensable and unique. Hence why we create personalizable pieces that allow you to associate a story with our pieces. 

For a lucky charm aspect, there are the birthstones that each hold magical powers and singular signification. We write articles on the subject each month, don’t hesitate to go see which stone is yours. . .

For a sentimental side, our designs with symbolic shapes like the hearts from our new Hayda line or our iconic Anatole. Magical numbers like 3 can be found on multiple pieces of our catalog with Louise, Princesse, Olympe, Ombeline, Nora III… Which can perfectly represent the arrival of a third person in your family for instance!

And of course, personalized engraving will allow you to associate a piece with a person that matters to you. This is possible on our necklaces Gary and Gary Diamants, the Swing necklace, and our rings Ysée and Thelma. Children, lover, mom, dad, grandma… a beautiful way to carry those guiding stars with you forever.