Jewelry made for a Leo

What’s amusing with Leos, is that all clichés belonging to this sign… are usually true. Yes, the female Leo was born to be a star. Yes, she makes the street her catwalk. Yes, she makes an impression within 5 seconds of walking into a party. And yes, people around her are often admiring her, even when she’s grocery shopping at Franprix. 

It’s out of her control: she is solar. Maybe not Queen of the Jungle but definitely queen of her little world. The Leo woman gives off shining energy that renders her irresistible. And she likes to receive this admiration: very theatrical, she loves to provoke, positively or negatively (even though we must note that she doesn’t often accept criticism...), and isn’t worried about breaking rules when it comes to her style. Even with jeans and sneakers, we’ll see her wear accessories that are out of the ordinary to stand out. And when it comes to jewelry, it’s exactly the direction to go in. 

What should you bet on? Ostentory pieces that bring a look alive. Whether they are imposing or colorful, the jewelry of a Leo needs to be seen to honor her “all eyes on me” side. 

What to avoid? Anything too discreet, naturally. She’ll wear delicate jewelry, but with her Sunday loungewear (and her pajamas are very stylish of course) or for daily wear. 

Our recommendations: strong pieces that stand out on their own, or smaller pieces that can be accumulated. The Yvette bangle in vermeil, for instance, the Joseph or Rift cuff for their “statement piece’ side, the Yvonne ring that could (almost) steal the show, the Iyo ring and her solar stone, the rings Dalina (as bright as her) and Duna for her combination of color and diamonds.