The tourmaline, October's stone

Each month of the year is symbolically associated with a stone. October’s stone is the ​tourmaline​, a little-known and unfairly forgotten fine stone.

It is the perfect stone for a transition into colder and less sunny months.

A symbol of appeasement, it has powers of emotional comfort, and may even improve self-confidence and sleep. It also has a beneficial effect on muscles, especially the heart (it’s the ideal stone to help cure heartbreak). Associated with creativity, hope, and innocence, it brings luck and serenity to those who chose to wear it.

Often mistaken for other stones- especially rose quartz- due to its numerous possible colors that go through all the colors of the rainbow, it is one of the rare stones that have so many variations. Pink, blue, green, black ... There is something for everyone.

And with Monsieur ?

Sensitive to the charm of the tourmaline, we use it in its pink, blue, and green shades.
The iconic Orphée and Elia ring, the elegant Mademoiselle ring, but also the splendid Elia pendant or the discreet but refined Merveille bracelet, are some of our most recognizable pieces with this stone.