Let's show you our workshop

Gold in our window display, on our counter where we work (and laugh) hard, and in our proudly displayed jewelry. . . We love our workshop. This is the place where everything is created with Nadia our founder and where the hands of our talented jewelers shape your desires.

Located in the Haut-Marais, the Parisien district historically associated with jewelry making, our workshop is the beating heart of our brand. We discuss, we create, we shape, we receive. Our three jewelers work here with passion according to the ancestral ankle-length technique to hand-shape our jewelry from the permanent collection and your semi and tailor-made orders. From morning to night they weld, file, hammer, saw, and sculpt to give a voice to the gold and reveal our beautiful pieces. With the company of coffee and giggles of course!

At Monsieur, we are proud of our artisans, of these gold fairies that give life to the material and the stones to create jewelry that you will love for a lifetime. This is why they work with us, beside us, and you can see them when you come by to say hello at the workshop. When we love a job well done, we value our artisans. 

So, when are you coming to visit us?