Lucky Charms Jewels

A Monsieur jewelry piece isn’t just about the way it looks, but also about its story: Nadia, our founder, is very attached to symbolics, and they figure heavily in our pieces. 

Our favorites? Those we create to bring you protection and luck. Must-haves for this period of endless quarantine. 

First, there are stones that can make you feel good, like the soothing lapis lazuli of the Walli necklace, the benevolent rose quartz of the beautiful rings  Aimée, Marguerite, Orphée, or Ophélie.

The refreshing garnet on the Carmen ring, the necklaces Ela, Nelia, Athenais, or Naby, and our Tia earrings. 

And naturally, the symbols that are part of Monsieur’s DNA since the beginning, such as the iconic eye of Joseph that you can find on our T-shirt, necklaces, ring, and bangles (with the possibility of engraving a little love letter). And finally, the Fella and Mya.

Do you feel better already?