Made-to-measure jewelry

“I can imagine a ring like this, with hammered gold, and an association of three stones, a garnet for courage, a pearl for femininity, and ...”

Yes, at Monsieur we can create a jewelry piece from scratch. As long as it is possible and within reason of course (we have yet to make a river of diamonds), but a challenge does not scare us. Quite the contrary, it inspires us.

We know how much a piece of jewelry can represent, whether sentimental or symbolic.

So we make ourselves the craftsmen of your dreams, to create a unique piece just for you.

Vermeil or silver, with or without stones, made-to-measure or customized, hammered or twisted...

Call us or meet us at the boutique to talk to us about your ideal piece, to talk to our founder and jewelers at the workshop.

We can’t wait to discover your beautiful ideas.