Monsieur en beauté

One of Monsieur's wishes has always been to emphasize your beauty. That is why we have decided to launch an exclusive range of cosmetics!

Two sweet soaps, with a scent to die for, and lip balm for a lips worth kissing... For each order, we slip one of these pretty creations into your package.

Inspired by the spirit of Monsieur, these are the new essentials to add to to your routine. The soaps pay homage to our signature stones for a morning or evening shower, while the lip balm accompanies you all day.

Citrine is a ray of sunshine all by itself. Invigorating and sweet, we love it when we get out of bed to start our day on a good note.

Rose Quartz is the ideal ally for moments of relaxation. Cocooning and soothing, it is best used  after a long, hard day to gently decompress.

The lip balm, meanwhile, is your handbag’s new partner-in-crime, especially during winter when your lips are chapped.