Nadia’s essentials

Monsieur is a beautiful adventure, created by Nadia ten years ago. By launching Monsieur, Nadia wanted to create a brand with strong convictions and highlight the work of jewelry making with pieces that make sense. 

Very quickly, pieces stood out within the Monsieur creations: those that are particularly important to Nadia, also became the favorites of our customers and the iconic pieces of the brand. 

Minimalistic pieces but daring in their simplicity, always enhanced with unexpected detail.

Since the opening of the store, the Petite Reine ring, for instance, made of gold nuggets that reinvent the classic gold ring, stands out. The Princess necklace as well, punctuated by a white or black diamond on its ellipses. And of course, the Olympe line and its famous delicateness. 

And slightly later in 2013 appears the famous Joseph line. A protective and solar eye that becomes the most popular medallion and that has been re-interpreted with creative evolution. 

The next year, Nadia pushes symbolic symbols even further with the appearance of the medallions that are important to her, stamped with Berber symbols that are an homage to her origins: Kenza represents water and femininity, Elias is the symbol of life and knowledge, or Rima for stability, an anchor. Essentials that are worn daily, in all seasons, to never lose your guiding star. 

So, what will be your essential?