Our charms pendants

Here are the Dina necklaces. Designed as everyday pieces, these are little jewels that cling to your neck and bring you luck thanks to the strong symbolism of the protective hand. 

Inherited by the Berber culture, this hand of Fatma is re-interpreted and created as an amulet that will ward of the evil eye and brings protection from the sky. An homage to the Berber origins of Nadia, the founder of Monsieur, that grew up with these strong and familiar symbols. 

Designed in a graphic and elegant silhouette, the Dina pendants are punctuated with a stone of your choosing, either set or attached like an elegant charm.

Worn single or stacked with other lucky charms from our workshop, they will quickly be at home in your jewelry box. Emotional pieces loaded with history and symbolics, as we love to create at Monsieur