Our Gold selection

For Christmas, nothing beats the sparkle of gold jewelry under the tree: bright enough to compete with the garland lights and beautiful enough to make you starry-eyed.

Here is our selection of gifts that compile our most precious designs made in gold, that you know will make your loved one happy !

For necklaces, there is the fine Princesse and Ira made with gold and diamonds, the elegant Olympe, and the romantic Aphrodite with its center stone. 

On the ring’s side, you can never go wrong with an Olympe ring, that can be made with a diamond or a ruby. Our Rosa ring blooms into a beautiful gold flower set with a diamond. 

For earrings, you will find the stunning Anatole Coeur or Trèfle, depending on the symbolism you wish to give to the person you love. Either a heart (Coeur) for romance or a clover (Trèfle) for luck. 

And finally, the timeless Olympe bangle that will, without a doubt, delight your loved one !