Our new gold and diamond rings

On one side we have 18 karat gold, for a bright ring that will resist everything.

On the other side, we have diamonds, excellent eternal stones, to sparkle brightly. 

For these five new rings, we bet everything on our expertise in terms of style and materials. Shall we present them?

First, there is the bague Rosa, where hold becomes lace and diamond becomes a flower. In this floral composition (hence its name), the Rosa ring blooms on your hand like a beautiful rosebush.

Next, there is Dyhia. More minimalistic and classic, it is an open ring with three small diamonds on each side. The perfect ring for an everyday look (or for the rest of your life: it would make for a beautiful engagement ring!)

For a more vintage feel, we have created Auxane: a ring whose central diamond is surrounded by two smaller diamonds, for the heirloom look that wreaks havoc.

For something more graphic, we have the twins Cléa and Chloé: in a game of complementarity, they reflect the theme of the eye that is dear to Monsieur, with diamonds that go perfectly together. On the first ring, the iris of the eye is a diamond. On the second, the eye is smooth and golden, surrounded by two diamonds. Chloé is customizable: you can engrave a letter or number, to augment its symbolic power.