Our Vermeil selection

Lighter than gold but warmer than silver, vermeil is often (unjustly so) set aside. Here at Monsieur, we love to highlight it’s nobleness. And such nobleness indeed ! 

It's notably this metal that was used at Versaille for royal jewelry, as it was much lighter than gold and just as superb. If with that piece of history you’re not successful with your christmas gifts…

If you’re looking for rings: there is our enchanting Illy sertie that sparkles, the timeless Ades double, but also Lucette, that captivates attention with its beautiful center stone. 

For necklaces, Attrape-Coeur and Joseph act as lucky charms with their unique symbols, whereas Fella showcases romanticism and simple elegance is found in Rosalie

For our hoops, here are Marius, Lola, and Lita. The choice will be hard to make.

And finally, our bracelet Adès, which can be worn on its own or stacked.

Because the only thing better than a gift from Monsieur… is two gifts from Monsieur !