Perfect jewels for an Aquarius woman

The word to describe an Aquarius woman? Paradox.

And even if it can (sometimes) be a shortcoming - let’s be honest- it’s mostly a great quality that allows for limitless inventiveness.

Hence, the importance of having jewelry that she can interchange and reinvent continuously. One-piece on Monday, a duo on Tuesday, bare on Wednesday, and a full set on Thursday. . .

Where should you place your bets? Pieces that are simple yet stand out, that can be worn on their own or stacked to create thousands of associations. 

Our ideal recommendations: the Yvette and Inaya bracelets, for their finesse that allows creativity to run wild.

The necklaces Elvire and Bathilde, with graphic engravings that catch the eye.

The rings Charlie or Hedda will gracefully accompany her hand gestures as she speaks of her last adventure.

And finally, the Athenais bangle, for which she can choose the central stone, to be sure to have jewelry that is true to her.

And one thing is clear: even if she can have many personalities, the Aquarius woman is unique.