Peridot, august’s lucky charm

Never heard of peridot? We forgive you. Even historians had a difficult time understanding this stone with its beautiful green color which sometimes gives it the name olivine. 

First, it was confused for emerald on ancient jewelry (sorry Cleopatra, your emerald jewelry... yeah that was peridot) and for a long time, it was called topaz. But péridot has been, for a long time, used on uncommon jewelry, and has always had mysterious properties. Nicknamed “sunstone” by the Egyptians, it represents deities' tears to the Hawaiians and decorated the jewelry of women in Ancient Greece and the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Beautiful history for a little known stone...

And when it comes to magical properties, she doesn’t disappoint. Particularly useful for mental health, it allows us to start over from the past. Wearing it allows us to be liberated from what is holding us back to dare to write new chapters, whether it's that horrible moment you forget your text during the 5th-grade talent show or a deeper sadness. It allows for dispersing clouds of melancholy to stop feeling blue and is a precious weapon against jealousy. Oh, and non-negotiable bonus: it would give you beautiful skin. 

At Monsieur, we love to use it like emerald (we call it “night emerald”), with the solar color of gold or vermeil that highlights it. And who says rare stone also says confidential pieces: we only find it on three Monsieur designs. The Romy ring, with its trio of stones that give it a royal and majestic look. Associated with other stones on the ring Diata to maximize its effects and beauty. And finally, as a central stone, royal and shining, on the beautiful ring Ikenna.