Summer jewels

In the summer there are two possibilities. Either you bet it all on extravagance, bright colors, daring haircut, and other statements you didn’t dare try during the year; or, you consider that timeless basics are perfect for your suitcase. 

If you identify yourself in the first category, we recommend jewelry that reflects this desire: pieces with variegated stones and creative silhouettes that don’t go unnoticed. The necklaces Anella and Kella for their floral motif and their colorful stone. The necklace Lehda if you would like something more simple with a touch of color on the stone, the Sofia necklace, and its garland of bright stones (that also serves as a lucky charm). For earrings, we love the beautiful colors of the Diata or the surprising silhouette of Iseult. And for a final touch, the colorful ring such as Nielé, or the charm of the vintage Athénais

If you relate with the second category, there are timeless necklaces that will highlight your tan with their gold shine, such as Adam and its bright star, the iconic Joseph in its small version, the beautiful Rosalie whose discrete stone you can choose, and the superb Billy with its twisted band. For earrings, we’re betting on discrete lucky charms such as Gabin or Dina, or the timeless studs Antalole with its multiple variations. And for rings? Bright and elegant rings, like the Arlette and her mother of pearl or the Assia and her diamond.