The symbolism of our jewelry

Nadia, the founder of Monsieur, is attached to the look of the jewelry, but also the meaning behind it. Fascinated by symbols from a young age, she plants these markings that she sources from her universe and that get adopted by all women. Whether they are protective, inspiring, feminine, or mystical, the important symbols at Monsieur mark the beginnings of the brand. 

First, there was the subtle Kenza, whose engraved triangles represent water and femininity. 

The Mya, which is inspired by Berber culture, represents the eye of God and the stars that guide you during the darkest of nights. 

The Lina, whose delicate scattered grains evoque life and fertility. 

The beautiful Rima, engraved and set by hand by our jewelers, whose sapphire embodies the home. 

And finally Yamina, with its fascinating black diamond for the partridge’s eye, a symbol of beauty and agility.

Designs that make you more confident, not online because they highlight your beauty, but also because they act as the lucky star that you carry with you daily.