The diamond, April’s stone

You can’t get more iconic than a diamond. And it has been the case for more than three millennia: in India, it is called “fruit of the stars”. Not too bad! During the antiquity period, it was worn to wear off poison (do not try at home in 2021). And naturally, it has always been a symbol of everlasting love. . . In short: diamonds are elevated to the ranks of quasi-divinity in numerous cultures, its admired unmatchable shine has placed it at the top of the rank of royal stones. 

It has a reputation for being invincible (it is the strongest material in its raw state), the very word diamond means “untameable”. If we’re talking about magical powers, it’s the ideal stone for those who need to find new inner strength and a boost in life. It is also a stone that favors the alignment of all our energies, as it allows us to restore internal harmony.

Particularly useful in April, due to the change in season (#snowandsuninthe same hour). 

This protective stone can turn itself against the wearer if it has been acquired dishonestly… Yes, it feels like something out of a Harry Potter novel. 

And believe it or not: it is the ideal stone to prevent sore throats and pulmonary infections. If that isn’t a sign. . .

And at Monsieur?

The diamond is one of our signature stones of course! Sprinkled onto our designs as a discrete final touch, or highlighted on more showcase pieces, we love to play with all its facets. On white gold or on yellow gold, it adds an unparalleled shine that we never tire of. Our most iconic pieces? The Louise necklace and bracelet, the rings Maya, Aristote, and Aurore, the iconic and delicate Olympe hoops, and the beautiful Anatole Coeur bracelet, for truly eternal love.