The elegance of simplicity

What we love about white gold and silver, it’s that it easily blends into the daily life of any woman.

Whether you are extraverted, discrete, passionate, or timid, team stilettos or converse, red lip or mascara... Or all of the above, these are metals that won’t clash with your personality. 

Silver is a pure material that has been used for centuries, which gives it an irresistible charm. White gold, however, was created more recently, using metal alloys to obtain the shine that characterizes it so well.

At Monsieur, we design pieces that correspond with these two materials: clean, refined, but downright remarkable.

Our two lucky-charm necklaces the Joseph and Gabin for instance, whose protecting eyes will watch over you. The advantage of choosing silver or white gold? They go well with every outfit and you will never have to take them off.

And for rings, we recommend Justine and Olympe. Delicate and feminine, we love to wear them together. . .