The garnet, January’s stone

Let’s start the year with a bang with the irresistible liveliness of the garnet stone. Red or pink, spectacular or discrete, it makes eyes shine and steals hearts. Elegant and fascinating, the garnet is a fine stone that you didn’t know you needed. . . Until now.

Since ancient times, the garnet has been used as a stone of courage. Its bright red color stimulates the body and the mind. A totem of self-confidence and strength, it’s the poster child for empowerment. Enough to start the year in the best way possible. Equally, it is known to boost the immune system, it won’t replace your 5 fruits and vegetables a day. . . But it’s a good start!

Traditionally associated with virility, it’s up to you to show it’s feminine side. By wearing it, dare to surpass yourself and believe in your projects.

And at Monsieur?

The deep color of the garnet associates itself well with the yellow of the gold, for a vintage almost royal look, with a heirloom aspect. Highlighted on a ring (like our Babette and Marguerite models), the garnet brings a touch of refined color to your darkest looks. To multiply its powers, don’t hesitate to associate it with a symbol of protection, such as Naby or Anir.