The ideal jewelry for a Taurus

The Taurus woman is distinguished by her natural elegance and her love for beautiful things. And “beautiful things”, for a Taurus, does not mean extravagant luxury items. A cashmere sweater, a glass of wine on a terrace, vacation amongst friends in Corrèze: simple things that bring much joy. Hedonistic and sensual, the Taurus woman loves to seduce with little details that create her charm. Slightly materialistic, she accords much importance to the objects that are dear to her. 

What should you bet on? Pieces that will highlight her charm casually. A necklace that falls into the hollow of her chest, earrings that underline the curve of her neck. . .

What to avoid? Pieces that are too flashy or visible, that are bought on a whim but never worn.

Our ideal recommendations: the Valentin necklace that will catch the eye thanks to its voluptuous form and a central stone, the necklaces Pince or Cassiopée that can be worn as long necklaces, the earrings Princess or Lily Double for finesse, or the earrings Papaye for a touch of color.