The ideal jewelry for a cancer

We often imagine the Cancer women as small and fragile. With their artistic soul and sensitive nature, they are the heroines of Jane Austen’s books. Romantic and feminine, they are also leading women, with strong character and fierce independence. Very attached to her romantic side, she isn’t afraid to feed her imagination with a soft and artistic universe. 

Style-wise, this is translated by romantic and delicate pieces, where she can appreciate the colors and the symbols. With her tendency to have her head in the clouds, she could care less about trends. Instead, she’ll fall in love with little details that will make a piece unique in her eyes. Did we mention her artistic nature? 

What to place your bets on? Feminine pieces with colors and delicate patterns. A little vintage side that will do justice to all the romantic books she reads. Essential basic that she will be able to associate with any piece in her wardrobe. 

What to avoid at all costs? Everything that would bring too much attention. The Cancer woman wouldn’t be comfortable with over conspicuous jewelry that would put all eyes on her.

Our ideal recommendation: subtle jewelry in soft colors. In general, white gold pieces or timeless designs. The Babette ring with its beautiful morganite, the simplicity of the rings Marguerite or Aimée, the bracelet or necklace Lila and their rose quartz that is perfect for this sign, the beautiful flowers of the Pensée ligne, and all the heart symbolic designs such as the lines Rift, Aphrodite, and Anatole.