The ideal jewelry for a Gemini

Natural and cheerful, the Gemini woman is ever-changing. Particularly mischievous, she loves to play in her relationship and her look. The type to change her lipstick color five times a day but wear her favorite top five days a week, she thinks a lot but acts on a whim. 

What she loves, associating timeless pieces (she never tires of) with some more daring pieces, out of her comfort zone which she takes out for fun outings.

Particularly intellectual, the Gemini woman loves to find sense in things. A beautiful jewel is nice, but a beautiful jewel with meaning- it makes her stand out! And that she LOVES.

What to bet on? Pieces to associate for this dual sign. On one side, pieces she will never want to take off and that go with her entire wardrobe (as eclectic as she is), and on the other side, slightly more daring pieces on which she can draw on sudden inspiration. 

To avoid at all cost? Honestly? Nothing. The Gemini woman will always find a way to make a jewel work. 

Our recommendations: vermeil pieces (more unexpected than white or yellow gold- she’ll be glad to have a story to share). The Rift necklace for a personal touch, the Cikeka bracelet, the Pensée earrings whose name pays homage to her never stopping brain, the Marius hoops that she will wear with anything, or the Adès Double ring for its duality. Otherwise, for a timeless jewel, we suggest the Athéna ring, which carries the name of the goddess associated with Geminis.