The ideal jewelry for a Libra

Mysterious yet spontaneous, inaccessible yet generous, optimistic yet anxious, giving yet uncompromising… like a Gemini, Libras are a sign with two sides carried by the Air element. And from this Gemini duality is born a certain attraction for… paradoxes. That’s right: the Libra woman is capable of finding happiness in the littlest of things (it’s THE sign that rejoices in small simple pleasures), but also very demanding… And if she loves a lot of things, she also perfectly knows what she doesn’t like. So watch out for twists and turns: one wrong move and disaster strikes.

Concerning style, this translated to a deep love for classics (to never disappoint) revisited (to do nothing like everybody else). Perfectly tailored white shirt with extra detail on the collar or the cuff, an oversize blazer that fits perfectly, a timeless trench with a print on the lapel… It’s simple, her style is both universal and unique. In terms of jewelry, the pieces that work for her are pieces that are both basic and extraordinary (yes, it’s possible). XXL pieces, uncommon details, discretions knows how to be seen. 

Where to place your bets? Well thought out jewels that we won’t get bored of and that she’ll easily wear. Pieces with strong symbolism (Libras love the stories behind the pieces). Pieces that surprise do to their size, color, association, which staying basic.

What to avoid at all costs? Flashy jewelry that doesn’t go with anything. Quite purist, Libras have stocking jewelry she’ll never wear: everything needs to be wearable more than once. 

Our ideal recommendations: The poetic simplicity of the Olympe line, the Rima necklace and its solar symbol, the elegant and timeless Adès bracelet (closed or open for a creative twist that she’ll love), the striking contrast of the Baya medallion, the Marius studs that stay classic while stepping out of the ordinary.