The ideal jewelry for a Scorpio

As a Water sign, the native of Scorpio is a feisty one. Not one to do things by halves, she throws herself fully into what she is passionate about with a strength that can sometimes be frightening. Particularly magnetic, the Scorpio attracts all eyes almost in spite of herself. Unlike the Leo who likes to strut her stuff, the Scorpio woman fascinates with her passionate energy without necessarily trying to be noticed (let's not lie to ourselves: she loves it.) Sincere and genuine, she's the kind of person who tends to trigger immediate love or intimidated rejection. In both cases: she does not leave anyone indifferent.

Particularly assumed in her most daring choices, she loves strong pieces to explore her creativity, not necessarily to please. The jacket with sequins at 9 o'clock in the morning? That's her. The bright red mouth that refuses nothing? That's her again. The vertiginous heels that make you raise your eyebrows? Yes, always her. Concretely, the Scorpio woman is not afraid of anything. The most daring pieces are challenges and she loves it. 

What to bet on? Jewels that make a statement. Raw gold, asymmetry, never seen before silhouettes. Above all, no basic. We can imagine unconventional and dark stones to echo her character in clair-obscur.

To be avoided at all costs? Half-measurement. All or nothing, but above all, no shyness.

Our ideal recommendations: the striated materials of the Rift range or the Izem bracelet, the dark diamonds of Illan, Gary or Médée (necklaces), Dina and Gabin (earrings) and Valentine, Dalina or Adès (rings), the asymmetry of the Jasmine or Léonie ring. For intensity, we love the Iris V ring (twisted or not), the Marius Saphir ring, the Lois ring or the Ira necklace.