The ideal jewelry pieces for a Capricorn

Unlike the solar signs Leo and Scorpio, a Capricorn woman is rather introverted. For her, fine elegant jewelry is needed as it gives the discretion she needs all the while standing out. 

Where to place your bets? A set that leaves nothing to chance, just like her, and which knows how to combine beauty with efficacy.

What to avoid at all costs? Anything flashy.

Our ideal recommendations: the Olympe bands, now essentials at Monsieur thanks to their disarming refined simplicity. The Anatole Coeur hoops, original but not overwhelming they adapt to any style. The Ira or Princesse necklaces bring a touch of light to a look without taking away all the attention.

Remarkable without being too much, elegance but not old-fashioned, sobriety without going unnoticed.

The perfect touch of subtlety. AKA the Capricorn’s playground.